first blog post

first blog post

My name is Everett Phoenix, which is a flamboyant name, for lack of a better term. With that in mind, a google search of my name displays the results of plane tickets; from Everett, Washington, to Phoenix, Arizona. The search also displays local businesses with the name ‘phoenix’. I do appreciate the level of privacy allotted with the results. That being said, I am not a location, nor a plane ticket, nor a local business.  

A website may improve my digital presence in a number of ways. The website would certainly help to spread awareness of my digital presence. People that notice the website may reach out for job opportunities; as websites are a good resource for contact information. They can also be used to share any work or content that a user may have already created. In addition, employers might notice the website when considering a job application. Many employers search for people’s social media accounts, such as facebook and twitter profiles. So having a website can give the employer a more positive image of the individual. The website can give people an insight into personality and self expression. A website may also help with networking; as the site can be used as a channel to share ideas. Having a website will also improve the self image, as the content of the website can make the writer appear to be a more experienced professional. For example, a user could post their credentials, such as work experience, or a cv.  The website may also help people stand out, in case they have a less common name. For example, if your name is ‘Sarah Johnson’ then the website might be an easier method of being noticed than having people attempt to search for social media accounts.

The website could also be used to post links to personal interests, or other social media accounts. For example, the website could contain links to other websites or videos that relate to the user. The user could not only write, but also create podcasts or videos for self expression. Hearing the sound of a person could give insights that their words do not, and vice versa. I feel that hearing someone speak gives insight into personality, almost like a conversation, or interaction. In addition, video blogging can portray facial expressions and vocal tones that are not necessarily portrayed through words. Good writing is certainly a channel of self expression, but speech and image are other options.

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